Arena Stone

Areana stone produces stone surfacing ideal for kitchen and bar surfaces. Roktops has been working with Areana Stone for over 8 years to produce stunning granite worksurfaces. Their precision machinery ensures the highest quality in each and every sheet.

Beltrami Natural Stone

Beltrami supplies Roktops with sheets of natural stone that have been used to design a number of luxurious bathroom and kitchen work surfaces. Quality is the forefront for all of Beltrami's daily operations, ensuring that every sheet sold reflects their high standards.


Caesarstone is a beautifully engineered quartz stone which comprises approximately 93% natural quartz.  Their surfaces are ideal for kitchen worktops, countertops, bathroom worktops, vanities, wall panelling and any other commercial interiors.


With 33 colours stocked in the UK and over 70 colours available, Caesarstone offers one of the largest ranges of designed quartz surfaces with some of the finest texture options available in the quartz surface industry today


Cambria is a family run business in partnership with Granite Granite LTD that provides stunning man made Quartz renowned durability that provides flawless beauty. Due to Cambria's inspired craftmanship, high quality and industry-leading innovation the American based company is constantly envolving countertops into the art of movement for kitchens and bathrooms.


Caple are regarded as being one of the leading privately owned distributors of kitchen, electrical and related products. Caple aims to provide beautifully designed products that enhances each customers lifestyle and have been providing Roktops with their beautifully crafted sinks and taps for over 5 years. 

Classic Quartz Stone

Classic Quartz Stone make a determined effort to produce the finest quality quartz for use in homes and commercial properties. All Classic Quartz Stone's products are composed of using 93% pure quartz with the rest being recycled glass, recycled stone, aggregates and sands. Classic quartz is committed to excellence in combining natural beauty with intense durability ensuring all your needs are met.


COMPAC, THE SURFACES COMPANY was founded in 1975 and were the first Spanish company to specialise in the manufacturing and distribution of marble and quartz worksurfaces. Today Compac are a large multinational company that has learnt how to grow while preserving extremely high quality in all their materials.

CDUK - Corian

CDUK is the distributor of Corian® in the UK and has been for more than 30 years.  As the exclusive supplier of this solid surface, they have created an unrivalled infrastructure of fabricator of which Roktop's is one. That means we expertly deliver Corian® solutions to an exciting, extensive range of consumers and commercial end users.


Corian® is the original solid surface, a unique blend of minerals and acrylic which creates a stone-hard material that can be worked and shaped to meet almost any design or shape.

Hanex Solid Surfaces

Hanex® is a premium solid surface material offering endless design possibilities and unrivalled product performance. Suitable for use in any residential or commercial setting, including hotels, retail, hospitality, healthcare, schools, offices or transport -Hanex® combines durability and beauty to create a premium surface that will stand the test of time.


LG Hi Macs have been providing Roktops Worksurfaces with solid surfaces for a number of years. LG Hi Macs' solid surface provides all the benfits of stone based materials, such as granite, marble and quartz however with the added benefit of a surface that is completely non-porous. 


KRION™ belongs to the PORCELANOSA Group and provides a huge variety of solid surface material. PORCELANOSA base the success of their products on three premises; unconditional quality, their own commercial network and an infrastructure to embrace all these factors. Infrastructure is key to the success of PORCELANOSA's products which offer a combination of functionality, versatility and distinction.


Levantina is a multinational company which orginates from Spain. The Spanish born company has become the benchmark for quality in the natural stone market. Levantina extensive range of products include Granite, Marble, Limestone and many other natural stones, all of which are fabricated by Roktops.

Luna Stone

Luna Stone is based in the heart of Hereforshire and is fast becoming the leading quartz wholesaler in the UK with more colours being added to its already comprehensive range each day. Luna Stone has been providing Roktops with high quality quartz for a number of years and offers its customers a huge variety. 


Luna Stone is based in the heart of Herefordshire and is fast becoming the leading Quartz wholesaler in the UK with more colours being added to its already comprehensive range each day. Luna Stone has been providing Roktops with high quality quartz for a number of years and offers its customers a huge variety. 

Samsung Radianz

Samsung Radianz produces a quartz material manufactured out of advanced polymer resins and colour pigments which are combined with 93% quartz to produce sheets that are durable, hygienic and beautiful. Roktops have been fabricating Samsung Radianz's quartz for a number of years producing stunning worktops ideal for any kitchen, bathroom or indoor commercial project. 

Samsung Staron

Samsung Staron have been supplying Roktops with solid surfaces that are 100% waterproof, hygienic and durable for a number of years. Beauty, versatility and functionality are just a few of the qualities that feature in Staron's solid surfaces. The surface colour runs right the way through each sheet of material, ensuring that all cut outs, drainer grooves and edge profiles can be formed seamlessly when producing your new worksurface.


Silestone is part of the Cosentino Group which is a Spanish company located in Almeria in southern Spain. Cosentino's provide an extensive portfolio of natural stone, quartz and recycled surfaces ideal for interior worksurfaces.

Cosentino are the largest manufacturer of natural quartz surfaces in the world and are present in over 50 countries. Silestone are  continually developing new and innovative stone products to add to their already vast collection.

Stone Yard Ltd

Stone Yard Ltd are suppliers of natural stone products from all over the world, and have been providing Roktops with Marble and Granite for a number of years. With over 2 decades of experience, Stone Yard Ltd maintain very high quality control systems at all levels of production making them the prefered supplier to major prestigious projects around the world.

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