At Roktops Worksurfaces we like to offer the customer a neat and stylish finish to their worktop via the different array of edges provided. Our team are experts at handcrafting the 5 edge styles as shown below. The standard edge provided with all our worktops is the double pencil edge, for a different style of worktop edge please ensure that you inform one of our team. For further information regarding any other edges please call 01189762826 to speak to one of our experts. 

Bevelled edge

Bevelled edge top

Single pencil edge

Single pencil line

Bullnose trim edge

Bullnose trim

Sharknose edge

Sharknose edge

Double pencil edge

Double pencil line


Upstands are a fantastic way to connect your new stylish worktop to the attached wall. Upstands are designed specifically to fit against the connecting kitchen wall to add the finishing touch in a range of colours and materials. Upstands can either be provided with a coved edge or a square edge as shown in the photos below. To find out more about upstands and the possibility of adding these stylish fittings to your kitchen please call one of our experts on: 01189762826.

Coved Corian® upstand

Coved upstands

Square worktop upstand

Square upstands


Worktop hob bars

Hob bars

Hob bars are an aesthetically pleasing method of protecting your work surface from hot pans and other kitchen implements. These metal bars can be styled to the preference of each customer whilst also providing a practical heat-mat anywhere along your kitchen worktop.

Worktop drainer grooves

Drainer grooves

Drainer groves provide a stylish and practical solution to keeping your work surface dry and clean. At Roktops we can provide a variety of styles and designs suitable for your kitchen. Each groove is precisely etched by one of our specialists to ensure that water flows naturally from the worktop to the sink.

To add drainer groves or hob bars to your new worktop, please ensure you let one of our experts know on: 01189762826. 


A kitchen splashback provides a stylish and practical solution for protecting your walls from hob and sink splashes. Splashbacks are the perfect example of how kitchen planning and interior design have combined together to provide a practical yet elegant design. At Roktops Worksurfaces we provide quartz, marble, granite and solid surface splashbacks in a variety of different colours. For more information about how a splashback can transform and become the focal point of your kitchen please call one of our experts on: 01189762826.

Kitchen worktop splashback

Window ledges

Is your newly planned worktop next to an empty window ledge? Why not connect the two with an classy window ledge fitting. This is a popular feature when a newly fitted worktop is placed underneath a window ledge and offers a modernistic, yet extremely practical design. To find out more about adding this stylish feature into your kitchen design please contact one of our experts on: 01189762826.

Window ledge worktop